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Personalized Attention & Dedicated Care

Preventative care is our first line of defense and essential to providing modern, effective medical care. By combining preventative and personalized care, we can provide comprehensive medical treatments to all of our patients.

What if your primary care physician had time to focus on disease prevention and work with you to help keep you out of the emergency room or urgent care clinic and away from the hospital? What if your doctor could help you reduce your risk of expensive chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes or help you manage those conditions, so you spend less on healthcare?

Join my MDVIP-affiliated practice and be guaranteed conveniences like same- or next-day appointments; visits that start on time and last as long as you need; a close relationship with a physician who really knows YOU and your individual health needs.

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A Higher Level of Care

Studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals show patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices are hospitalized and readmitted less often, visit urgent care centers and emergency rooms less often, receive more preventive services and enjoy better control of chronic conditions than patients in traditional practices

, Westlake Custom Healthcare
We work with you, our patient, to develop an individual, tailored wellness plan and personalized care with our one-on-one coaching and medical support.