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Lipid Testing in Westlake
Lipid Testing in Westlake

Inflammation can be easily measured with advanced testing that assesses a patient’s inflammatory state and cardiovascular risk. Monitoring their inflammatory status may allow you to catch the beginning, or even treat advanced stages of inflammation, in an effort to reduce their cardiovascular risk.

Sneed Medical offers in-depth and advanced lipid and inflammation testing through Cleveland HeartLab. Testing consists of biomarkers that identify inflammatory risk across a risk spectrum. This additional information allows for targeted treatment to reduce risk over one’s lifetime.

This group of tests covers a patient’s biomarker profile which may result from lifestyle concerns (F2-IsoPs, OxLDL) to the development of metabolic or cardiovascular disease (ADMA/SDMA, Microalbumin, hsCRP) and formation of vulnerable plaque and increased risk for an adverse event (Lp-PLAActivity, MPO).

Lipid Testing in Westlake

Heart health is extremely important at every age. It is important every year to initiate and assess lab work and diagnostic testing to make sure that you are staying healthy.

We do lipid testing to make sure that your blood cholesterol levels are where they should be.

Cholesterol levels change not only based on the foods we eat but are also affected by weight, how much you exercise, whether you smoke, diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and genetics.

However, your numbers are not the only thing we consider when looking at your cholesterol ‘count’. While the numbers themselves give us a good benchmark for progress on your inflammation and lipid levels, your overall wellness should be much more than that. We are going to help you get there.

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