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ADD/ADHD Management
ADD/ADHD Management

ADD/ADHD is a brain-based mental health disorder. It is a chemical difference in the brain that communicates differently than a non-ADD/ADHD brain.

ADD is not just an excuse. It’s real.

What does that mean? ADD/ADHD is similar to a person who may have a problem like OCD, but can also affect a person to different degrees and in different ways. The symptoms are not always the same because a person’s environment can affect the way they cope with their condition.

Looking at the words ‘attention deficit’, many think that this means a lack of paying attention. For someone who isn’t paying attention, symptoms might be trouble controlling anger because they ‘missed’ the instructions on how to successfully complete a project. Trouble concentrating might lead to frustration which leads to someone assuming a student or worker isn’t paying attention.

This is why treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is both medication and therapy based.

Could it be ADD/ADHD?

  • Poor memory
  • Disorganized (both in thinking and tangible disorganization)
  • Poor time management
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Problems following through or completing tasks
  • Depression
  • Trouble concentrating

What Causes ADD/ADHD?

Research is not clear on what causes ADD/ADHD. Some think it may be genetics, some think it may be environment or problems that occur during development.

One thing that many agree on is that your risk of having ADD/ADHD is linked to having a relative who have/had the same problem.

Can I Just Re-Train My Brain?

Consistent discipline and you can do just about anything. That’s why we can break bad habits and develop good ones.

ADD/ADHD is both a chemical imbalance AND a lifestyle imbalance. Most people who are affected by ADD/ADHD realize that they have to work hard to change or work-around some of their habits or approach tasks differently. However, without medication to help control the chemical side, most will agree that it is hard to change the lifestyle imbalance without help from medication.

ADD/ADHD Management

More Than Just Meds

A large part of treating ADD/ADHD is learning how to ‘self realize’ and look for signs that you are getting off track.

ADD/ADHD can be helped with medication, but a great coach can help you strategize and develop how to cope with, manage, and create good habits that will help you with tasks in your professional and social life.

Living with ADD/ADHD is learning how to manage and harness the ‘excess noise’ and redistribute it productively.

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