, Want to be a better lover?

Yeah, I bet that caught your eye.  Nitric oxide testing and supplementation is the newest addition to the many advanced tests that we offer in our office.  Deficient nitric oxide levels can lead to fatigue, poor memory, low energy, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido … and the list goes on and on.  Nitric oxide is found in every tissue of the body.  EVERY tissue.  Without optimal production, you have decreased blood flow, and as many of you already know, without blood flow – “some things gotta give.”  Because of the enormous benefits of Nitric oxide supplementation, I wrote my own patient education piece that I have uploaded to our website.  You can find the Nitric Oxide patient education on our website HERE.  If you are curious about having your levels tested, please make an appointment to be seen at the office.  The Nitric oxide test is a saliva test.  All you have to do is put “spit on a stick,” and the results are known within 5 seconds!  Nitric oxide replacement is quick and easy.  We have several different options available, including lozenges and powders.  If you are deficient, we recommend the lozenges twice per day.  There are 2 different types of lozenges that we offer.  The “blue box” is the basic version which contains 60 lozenges, sweetened with Stevia.  The “red box” is the professional version which contains even more Nitrates, and it also includes L-Methylfolate which benefits all of you who also have the MTHFR Mutation.  The lozenges work better if you dissolve them in your mouth without chewing and swallowing.

After 1 month of replacement, you should have your levels tested again to make sure they are up to normal.  Once they are normal, then you must support your new, improved normal level.  If you were deficient once, then you can become deficient again!  You should increase the dark, green leafy vegetables in your diet (spinach, kale, beets).  Another note on that:  the stems of vegetables are high in nitrates and nitrites which are great precursors to Nitric oxide.  Do not cut your broccoli stems too short!  You can also use our NOx Support which comes in a powder form. You can add it to any liquid.  It works well with Dr. Sneed’s morning protein shake that includes One World Whey and Nano greens.  Just add one scoop of NOx support to maintain your levels!  For the prices on our Nitric Oxide supplements, please see our Supplements page (https://ausfamp.wpengine.com/holistic-nutrition-consultations/online-supplements/).  Do not buy your Nitric oxide supplements from Amazon because their prices are more expensive at this time.  Remember that you do not get charged sales tax at our office, and you can use your FSA and HSA accounts.

Oh yeah, about that “better lover” part.  I wanted to make sure that you read all of the above before I told you about the most important part.  Erectile dysfunction affects many men, and it is purely a deficiency of Nitric oxide production in the penis.  Medications like Viagra and Cialis actually work to artificially raise levels of Nitric oxide.  This rise is not sustainable if you do not have enough Nitric oxide precursors in your body.  Over time, these medications become less effective.  As you age, your Nitric oxide levels decrease over time.  This means that if you developed Erectile Dysfunction at age 50, you were already experiencing low Nitric oxide levels.  Imagine how much further your Nitric oxide levels have dropped years later!  Nitric oxide is equally important for women.  Nitric oxide works in the brain and the clitoris to stimulate blood flow and nerves that will create the climax that leads to orgasm.


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