, Top Ten Reasons You Should Take Nitric Oxide

By: Sharon M. Sneed, PhD
Wellness Coordinator, Sneed Medical and Austin Family Medicine Associates


My Own Story:

When Dr. David Sneed and I discovered that we were Nitric Oxide (N-O) deficient at a medical convention, it was a shock that we could take a handful of supplements a day and still be deficient in anything!!   A representative of Neogenis Medical™ gave us a sample, however, and it did make a difference in our energy levels and a variety of things, and, especially in the intensity with which we could workout at the gym.  Needless to say, we wanted that technology for our patients at Austin Family Medicine Associates.  Here’s an overview of what we learned in this process:

Nitric oxide (N-O) is absolutely essential for optimal health.   It is so important because it works on several of the body’s major functions by relaxing the arteries and, thus regulating healthy blood pressure and increasing circulation and oxygen delivery all over the body.  It universally helps you out with almost everything.

Currently, medical research for N-O is centered on gathering data in the following areas:

  1. Maintenance of a healthy blood pressure
  2. Support for normal triglyceride levels
  3. Enhancement of a healthy circulation throughout the body
  4. Promotion of  arterial health
  5. Support for cardiovascular and heart health
  6. Improvement of  exercise endurance and performance
  7. Support for sexual performance via improved circulation for men and women
  8. Potential for improvement of bone health (under current investigation)
  9. Potential for improvement of cognitive function (under current investigation)
  10. Potential for improved pregnancy outcomes (under current investigation)

New and Important on the Research Front:

Nitric oxide (N-O) may also be a critical regulator of ocular blood flow and neurotransmission. Recent studies are describing the essential role that N-O plays in the eyes, and, particularly in the choroid, retina, and optic nerve. Various eye disorders, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), can be correlated with an N-O deficiency. Thus, considering N-O supplementation if you have any of these devastating eye disorders is of vital importance. 


Nitric oxide produced in the eyes regulates ocular circulation both inside and outside the eyeball. N-O produced in the capillaries of the retina causes them to respond efficiently to changes in blood pressure and oxygen levels. The importance of ocular blood flow is demonstrated in diabetic retinopathy where reduced blood flow and capillary damage result in hypoxia and edema in the retina, eventually causing vision loss. Not surprisingly, the underlying mechanism is endothelial dysfunction, a process defined as the loss of N-O production or availability.

In terms of macular degeneration, low N-O levels also leads to the decline in neural and endothelial control of circulation to the choroid of the eye, which is critical for central visual function. AMD eyes likewise demonstrate a decrease in retinal N-O with neuronal degeneration.

Can I Restore My Vision?

Restoring N-O availability improves ocular blood flow, supports normal intraocular pressure, and is neuroprotective in the eye. Neo40® represents a new therapeutic option that is safe and efficacious for combating sight-threatening eye conditions. People taking Neo40® often report improvement in vision, eye fatigue, and disappearance of eye “floaters” caused by age-related degenerative changes of the vitreous humor.

, Top Ten Reasons You Should Take Nitric OxideThe Neo40® lozenge is clinically proven to actually generate N-O. This nitric oxide-donating innovation delivers vital N-O gas directly to patients who have lost the ability to produce or maintain N-O, due to dysfunctional N-O pathways and/or increased oxidative stress. This action is singularly unique, patented, and distinguishes Neo40® in the category of N-O restoration.

Lick a Stick at Sneed Medical

You are undoubtedly wondering how you might be tested at our office to quickly see if you are N-O deficient.  The company we work with, Neogenis, has developed an easy saliva test where you literally “lick a stick” with one of our friendly nurses.   This is an “instant read, instant gratification” indicator strip that provides the justification for whether or not a supplement is right for you.   It offers a colorimetric measure of your total body N-O availability.  There is no blood draw and no waiting on results.  THE TEST IS FREE and if you decide to take the supplement, they are about $1.25 per lozenge for the professional strength.

Next time you are at the office, ask Dr. Sneed if you can have this simple test and they will help you determine your potential need or lack of,  for this important supplement.

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